25 Mar09 / Typolight

Extended Typolight (Nicht Typo3!)

extTypolight extends Typolight with a rich internet application.

It make use of the powerfull extJs library. It changes and accelerates the way you have been using typolight.
No need to switch between articles and structure view, Drag and drop articles, pages , modules to copy or move…

Highlight of Extended Typolight :

  • Pagetree with all pages , articles and content element.
  • Edit, view any Item in your Tree.
  • Drag and Drop Pages, modules… to Copy or move.
  • hover items to highlight them on the previewtab.

Ich glaube das muss ich gleich mal ausprobieren! Ich hab noch selten ein so flexibles CMS ben├╝tzt wie TypoLight.
Die Online Demo dieser Extension sieht auf jeden Fall super aus!

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